summer bento set

summer bento set

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On Sunday 4th of July, the last day before the summer holiday, we will offer our summer fermentation bento set! It will be organic, gluten free and zero waste!

The bento set contains:

Chirashi sushi with pickled Rangpur

Fried fish marinaded with lemon shio koji and grapefruit amazake

Grilled vegetables


Assorted vegetable tsukemono (Nuka zuke, pickled in rice bran and miso zuke, pickled in miso)

mimi’s grapefruit amazake

Bamboo sheath (Please keep it for reuse. Before reusing it, soak it with water for 15 min. It will become flexible to wrap food again. It is antiseptic and hygroscopic.)


Furoshiki made out of organic cotton as a wrapping cloth

Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria and enzymes. By eating fermented foods on a daily basis, you are adding millions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your intestinal flora. This increases the health of your gut micro biome and digestive system and helps keeping your immune system healthy. Additionally the citrus flavour refreshes you especially in the hot summer.

As the sets are limited preordering is necessary. Buy your bento set here and pick it up on the 4th July from 15:00 – 18:00

@ mimi, Stephanstraße 24, 10559 Berlin

If you want to buy other products and pick them up on Sunday as well, just add them to your shopping cart and click 'pick up' at the end.


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