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Furoshiki Workshop 18.07.2020

Furoshiki is a square cloth used to wrap gifts, bentos and other belongings so they can be carried or transported. This technique has a long history in Japan, and wrapping things in Furoshiki is a way of expressing appreciation and reverence for precious contents. Using Furoshiki is a unique and individual way to wrap and present a variety of objects. The cloth can be re-used in many different ways, thus making it a sustainable as well as aesthetic method of wrapping, carrying, and giving.


In this workshop, Reiko Kanazawa will demonstrate how to use Furoshiki with different tying techniques that are simple, flexible and playful.


Participants will receive a high-quality naturally dyed silk cloth to practice Furoshiki at home. We will also serve a special aperitif and dessert prepared using products from Mimi Ferments.


The workshop will be held in english.
Place: Lehrter Str. 19, 10557 Berlin
Saturday 18.07.2020. 15:00 –


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