Shiro Miso im offenen Fass von mimi ferments
Reis Koji in hölzernen Tabletts bei mimi ferments
Workshop Miso - WECK Glas von mimi ferments

english miso workshop 26.03.2023

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In this fermentation workshop, we will make traditional Japanese miso paste using organic ingredients and artisanal koji. You will learn about the fermentation processes of classic soybean paste and koji, their specific flavors, as well as their health benefits. Everyone will receive a jar of self-made biological miso paste to mature at home.
We will start the workshop with an Amazake smoothie, taste different types of homemade Miso and Koji (fermented rice) variations, and finish the workshop with a fragrant hot bowl of homemade Miso Soup and some small bites using our organic soybean pastes.

The workshop will be held in English!

Location: Oudenarderstrasse 16, Haus C7, 13347 Berlin

Date: 26.03.2023 from 2–6 pm

If the workshop is sold out, please write us an email for a place on the waiting list. We will contact you in case of any cancelations.

Since we are preparing the workshop ahead of time we need to know the exact number of participants well in advance. We are therefore only able to accept cancelations up to 10 days before the workshop. If you happen to be unable to attend you can transfer your space to a friend.

Further details on our cancelation policy can be found on our terms of service page.