Equinox Dinner 23.09.2023 24.09.2023

Equinox Dinner 23.09.2023 24.09.2023

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Equinox 12

Saturday 23.09.2023
Sunday  24.09.2023

18:00 -

We are happy to announce the 12h Equinox fermentation dinner.
The ancient origin of ceremonies between seasons is believed to bring the world of the living and dead closer together. These particular times of transition are being differentiated from the everyday with rituals. Celebrating recurring events of the year with particular foods is a very important part of Japanese tradition.
Reiko Kanazawa organizes each year four experimental dinner events as art: during 'equinox' (spring and autumn), and 'bon' a Japanese custom after summer solstice, as well as 'New Year'. Through these special dinners we have the opportunity to gain awareness of the corporeal and ephemeral nature of our physical presence as well as the seasons.
On the 23rd and 24th of September Reiko Kanazawa and Yuki Nishino will prepare for a multi course equinox menu with fermented food. The carefully crafted dishes will incorporate regional German ingredients and products by mimi.

Seats are limited.

Price: 100 euro

Location: Oudenarder Straße 16, Haus C, 13347 Berlin