Obon   8.8.2023  8:00 pm
Obon   8.8.2023  8:00 pm
Obon   8.8.2023  8:00 pm

Obon 8.8.2023 8:00 pm

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We are happy to announce Obon, an annual Japanese celebration of the summer at mimi on Tuesday 8.8.2023 from 20:00.

For this special occasion Mohammad Reza Mortazavi will play traditional Iranian daf drum music.

Reiko Kanazawa will serve special fermentation appetiser. Fermentation drinks will be available as well. 

In summer the Japanese honour the spirits of their ancestors with a ceremony called “Obon”. Traditionally they welcome the spirit of the dead by chant, dance and with drums. By repetitive chants and drum beats during festivities the living themselves direct their consciousness towards the transcendental.
Celebrating recurring events of the year with particular foods is a very important part of Japanese tradition as well.

Mohammad’s music is finding a balance between focus and letting go as the core element of his musical work. As with Bon festivities its a constantly changing movement in which the boundaries of body and mind dissolve into one another.


Price: 25 euro including fermentation appetizer (drinks and more food are not included)

Place: mimi  Oudenarder Straße 16  13347, Haus C


Mohammad Reza Mortazavi was born in 1979 in Isfahan, two months after the revolution in Iran. He has been living in Germany for 20 years as a musician and composer.
The diverse sound of tombak and daf has always fascinated Mortazavi. It connects him with an understanding of music and movement that is as multifaceted as it is constantly evolving. His musical ideas transcend traditional techniques and ways of playing both instruments.

Mortazavi directs his focus exclusively on music, detached from the instrument and national-cultural narratives, in pursuit of the idea of a universal music in which something human connects in a profound way.

In 2018, the album FOCUS was released on the Padre Himalaya label. In 2019, Mortazavi was invited by the Sydney Opera House, Rewire, Minimal Music Festival, Berlin Atonal, among others. In October 2019, Paris-based label Latency Mortazavis released his album RITME JAAVDANEGI, which was named by Pitchfork as one of the best experimental albums in 2019. In 2020 he composed a new interpretation of the Credo based on Ludwig van Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, op. 123, which was premiered as part of the project The World To Come in collaboration with the Rundfunkchor Berlin. In February 2022, his new album PRISMA was released on the flow.fish label. An album release on the Berlin label Tresor is planned.
In the past Mortazavi has performed in concert halls such as Philharmonie Berlin, Pierre Boulez Saal, Philharmonie Luxembourg, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall and Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen.