Equinox 11 18.03.2023 19.03.2023

Equinox 11 18.03.2023 19.03.2023

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Equinox 11

Saturday 18.03.2023
Sunday  19.03.2023

18:00 -

We are happy to announce the 11th Equinox fermentation dinner.

The ancient origin of ceremonies between seasons is believed to bring the world of the living and dead closer together. These particular times of transition are being differentiated from the everyday with rituals. Celebrating recurring events of the year with particular foods is a very important part of Japanese tradition.

On the 18th and 19th of March Reiko Kanazawa and Yuki Nishino will prepare a multi course equinox menu with fermented food. The carefully crafted dishes will incorporate regional German ingredients and products by mimi ferments.

Reiko Kanazwa will create a dinner setting as installation with two large round pieces of glass with iridescent surfaces. Part of installation will be a book: Evol / Love by Robin Waart.

Evol/Love is a project in three parts: a billboard series, an installation and a publication of a collection of 160 subtitled movie stills that all contain the word Love. A collage of voices and definitions arranged in alphabetical order, from ‘Love is where you find it’ (A: A Date with Judy, US 1948, 00:22:37) to ‘But even if it’s a little late, love has a way of coming back to you’(Y: Yeonae/Love is a Crazy Thing, KR 2005, 01:38:02). Mirrored „LOVE“ reads like its antonym: evil.

It was selected as one of the Best Dutch Book Designs of 2020 (also by the student jury) and as one of The Most Beautiful Books of 2020 in Lithuania as well as shortlisted for the 2022 Best Book Design from All Over the World.

Seats are limited.

Price: 100 euro

Location: Oudenarder Straße 16, Haus C, 13347 Berlin

Please note that we plan to arrange seating on the floor.